BiotinoylTripeptide-1 CAS:299157-54-3 Biotinoyl Tripeptide Biotinyl-GHK tripeptide

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Biotin tripeptide-1 is an extracellular matrix (ECM) peptide that binds to biotin (item 22582). 1 It stimulates the production of collagen IV and laminin in dermal and epidermal cells in vitro. Biotin tripeptide-1 was localized to the perihair region of isolated cultured human hair follicles and induced keratinocyte proliferation, resulting in 58% and 121% increases in hair growth compared to control hair follicles at 2 and 5 ppm, respectively. 2 It also prevents the reduction of collagen IV and laminin 5 bands in isolated and cultured hair follicles.Email : whatsapp: +8618931626169 wickr: lilywang

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